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Build essential life skills in creative ways with a proven system

Are you looking to help people build their essential life skills? Like decision-making, creative problem-solving, emotional and social intelligence, and other common life skills that are vital to successful living? You're in the right place! We have proven tools to help you succeed. We serve families, helping professionals, teachers, and community supporters.

Dianne A. Fanti, M.S., C.P.C.

Meet Dianne

Welcome! If you've come here seeking to help others build their essential life skills and resilience (while strengthening your own), you're in the right place! We have proven tools for families, professionals, and others serving communities.

Hi, I'm Dianne and I've been studying and teaching therapeutic techniques from the healing and expressive arts for 30 years. Over many years, I created The RESET Method, an educational approach that can dramatically improve people's feelings of well-being, relieving stress and challenging emotions, while strengthening resilience and building essential life skills.

While many people now consider me a Skill-building Specialist, I grew up knowing how it feels, to feel like you lacked some vital life skills, and I don't want anyone to feel like that! It's not necessary. So in my programs you'll find fun, creative, and engaging ways to build your own and your community's essential life skills and sense of well-being. I'm delighted that you're here and welcome to our Skill-building Society that we're co-creating!

To our success and well-being,


RESET: A Proven Method backed by research

Tools for families, helping professionals, and communities

RESET for Wellness: 

A Proven System

~ An in-person and online course, originally designed for helping professionals, can be used in many community settings

RESET for Wellness for Families is almost finished! Stay tuned.

~ A curated collection of research-based techniques that can dramatically improve well-being

~ Build life skills in fun & engaging ways while calming and centering participants for focused awareness and improved learning, using the healing and expressive arts

You'll learn an easy to use, creative approach to building the following life skills: 

~ Self-regulation and mindfulness relieve distressing emotions and restore a sense of calm well-being

~ Creative problem-solving and decision-making skills

~ Emotional and social intelligence skills are fostered 

~ Supports the building of a career path and knowing one's strengths 

~ Bonus: Budgeting skills


"I have found the exercises extremely helpful"

"I have used the RESET for Wellness System throughout my practice, while working with both children and adults. No matter what age or demographic, I have found the exercises extremely helpful as they provide clinicians with practical tools to implement interventions that aid the client's mental health recovery process. I have appreciated learning these new techniques and find that they enhance what I'm able to offer my clients."

~ Grace Olivieri, LMSW

"An Advanced Body of Knowledge"

"Dianne Fanti brings a depth of experience and an advanced body of knowledge to her teaching skills and the curriculum that she has created. Her use of guided meditations, breathing and centering techniques help to calm participants agitated minds and brings them closer towards a central brain balance. She has also uniquely integrated essential life skills within the expressive arts, in a format that's fun, engaging, clever, and wise. I would highly recommend her RESET for Wellness Educational Program."

~ Dr. Paula Schmidt, Ph.D.

This course is approved for 7.5 CE's by the National Association of Social Work and .5 CPD's by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Coming Soon! RESET for Wellness for Families ~ please join our mailing list at [email protected]

Join us & find more testimonials at resetforwellness.com

"The game gave a tangible method for addressing behavior ~ and all goals are measurable! I just love that." ~ Grace Olivieri, LGSW

"I love this game. It's very creative. I love the activities and knowing how it will help my daughter in building her life skills, she needs this and it's very timely for us." ~ Zakiya Stanley, nurse


In the meantime, you can get the game here:

Card set version

Classic board game version

Shores of Success  

An Educational Game

For families, counselors, schools, and community groups

~ Helps adults gain cooperation with effective communication

~ Helps young people learn to make everyday tasks fun and engaging. They earn points for the items they want, while building a work ethic.

~ Adults can help children cultivate 5 essential skills: creative problem-solving, task management, goal setting, self-care, and social skills.

~ Includes 15 resources from a PhD educational psychologist, child welfare advocate, and professional coaches. 

~ Adults gain an understanding of children’s needs developmentally, while discovering age-appropriate tasks.

This is a creative way to help you cultivate win-win's with the young people in your life!

Dialogue with Dianne

Coaching, Consulting, & Mentoring

Have you ever noticed how much easier and more satisfying it is to reach a goal when you have an abundance of support and encouragement?

Imagine things coming together for you more readily and actually falling into place, as you find vital stepping stones on your path of growth and transformation, and feeling fully supported when you're making significant decisions that impact your family and future.

This unique blend of coaching, consulting, and mentoring will help you:

>> Get clear on your current values and vision for your life

>> Uncover your deeper purpose, talents, and strengths

>> Understand the ways in which you become derailed and design a plan that remedies that

>> Strengthen the speed or rate with which your make progress by adding in consistent, reliable support

>> Gain accountability which strengthens your resolve and builds momentum

>> Learn how to overcome obstacles that used to stop you

>> Strengthen resilience and essential life skills like communication, decision-making, creative problem-solving, time-management, and goal-setting with a skill-building expert who's been assisting people for 30+ years

>> And celebrate meeting your goals in a meaningful way!

   "Dianne has been instrumental in helping me discover my strengths and resetting priorities to be able to achieve a new path in life. During our conversations, she supports my spiritual path without judgment or bias. I am grateful that she challenges me with open ended questions to find how my past perceptions are holding me back. Then she gently holds me accountable for my actions. After speaking with Dianne, my life goals are now more in focus without the clouds of judgment or bias. It takes time to have focused conversations to aid in healthy decisions without the interference of the old ideas and support systems.

     Dianne continues to provide books, videos, breathing techniques, and meditation examples to re-emphasize our conversations. She's been an incredible support and cheerleader for me to make the tough decisions while moving forward in life. We all have our good days and bad, we celebrate both together. On the bad days, I am reminded by Dianne of how far I have come and on the good days we celebrate with cheer. Not only has Dianne become a life coach for me, she is a great advocate. It has been an honor to know Dianne during this time in my life, with her support, I feel much stronger and the possibilities seem endless. I am truly blessed having Dianne in my life."

~ Ann Rey, R.N.

An Update ~ As a coach, consultant, and mentor, the best gift we receive are referrals and updates about how those we've served continue to use the tools and learn to become unstoppable. Just the other day, I heard from Ann and she said, "See that, I'm using the tools and I don't let anything stop me anymore, I just keep moving forward!" It's an honor to accompany people on their life journey through life's twists and turns, to both familiar and unexpected, new places. Very often, we can all do so much more than we think can, when we have the right supports and tools. Our potential is waiting for us, and most of us are far more unlimited than we think we are! 

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